Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Farewell.

Dream. A simple word when made into reality is immeasurably powerful. In these last few moments as Miss Perham 2011 I am overwhelmed with emotion by my dreams realized; not only as your Miss Perham 2011, but as Paige Meyer. I give all the credit first to my Creator for intricately knowing the desires my heart and giving me people to love and shape me through my dreams.

Mom, thank you for loving me when I was overwhelmed, excited, nervous, and full of joy in the many experiences I had this year. From college, to trips to New York, Washington D.C, California (alone!), Miss Minnesota, and endless other appearances and job shifts. Dad, thank you for your encouragement throughout my endeavors this year as well. Know I will always be behind you in the challenges you face. Terry, where would I be without your behind the scenes acts of love? From providing financially, complementing an outfit, and going with the flow of pageant craziness. My brothers and sisters, thank you for loving me even when I had to miss one of your big events to be Miss Perham. 

To Gina, my faithful guide and supporter. Every minute you spent contributed to who you see stand before you today. As you now begin a new leadership role in the Miss America Organization please know your years of service in Perham continue to leave a legacy. Selfless women and volunteers like you are the roots to this organization. Candice, you will never experience enough of my gratitude for our conversations we had about pageants, college, but more importantly God’s calling for our lives. Robin, my beloved ballet teacher, thank you for taking my stencil of “Via Dolorosa” for Miss Minnesota and turning it into a work of art. Bob and Laurie Sazama, you both are extraordinary examples of genuine supporters. 

To my readers of the East Otter Focus, it was an honor to be your weekly columnist. Each one of you who took time to thank me for my articles consistently reminded me of the honor I had to be your representative. To the students, staff, and educators at Perham Public Schools, thank you for allowing me to share my platform “It’s No Joke, Say NO to Smoke,” in your classrooms. To SADD National, for allowing me to influence my entire generation across the United States. I always appreciated your support and love as I was not only serving on the Student Leadership Council of SADD National, but also with the Miss America Organization. 

My beautiful Miss Minnesota Class of 2012 sisters. The Lord had a big plan for the state of Minnesota as each of us became Miss Local’s. My experience at Miss Minnesota would not have been as inspiring without each of you. I am continually thankful and uplifted to know people who share a similar desire to leave a powerful legacy in this world. 

To the community of Perham and sponsors of the Miss Perham Scholarship Program, as I was crowned just one short year ago my number one goal was to further establish the Miss Perham Organization. As I now become a former Miss Perham my hope is that you will continue to embrace your new titleholder. I ask this because you embraced me with open arms. To the contestants of Miss Perham, every one of you have a unique path laid for you, and for one lies the title of Miss Perham 2012. Whether that journey is ahead for you, always remain confident in the contribution you hold to our world.

As I crown your new Miss Perham the last sentence of my year will be written, but more importantly another dream realized and fulfilled. Remain strong and confident that I will continue to carry the love of Perham, and my dreams realized here, wherever I am lead next. 

Blessings and much love, 
Paige  Meyer
Miss Perham 2011

My last few days as Miss Perham...

Well, my last week as Miss Perham was better than I had imagined. I couldn't have asked for a better week. I sure was a busy lady as I was leading rehearsals with our 2012 contestants each evening, heading to the Turtle Races, Rotary meetings, last minute visiting royalty appearances, and of course work. I wanted to give everything I had my last week.

Today has been a bittersweet day as I have had much time to reflect on my experiences and the people who have touched my life this past year.The Miss America Organization has changed my life. It has expanded my aspirations and goals and has challenged me to become my absolute best for others. I will be honest and say it is difficult to close this chapter. I have dreamed of being Miss Perham for many years. Our MC Miss Perham 2001, Elizabeth Tweeton was the first Miss Perham crowning I remember witnessing. Standing on the stage ten years later, speaking with her about my year, was an incredible realization of my dream fulfilled. For one last time as Miss Perham 2011 I shared my talents with my voice, and classical ballet. It felt so good to be on the stage I call home. Thank you everyone who came to see me and the contestants vying for Miss Perham 2012 last evening.

I am thrilled to share my pageant journey is still being created as I write to you. As I look ahead to my next adventure I am confident it will carry many blessings. Please stay tuned with what is in store for me next.

I will be releasing my new website very soon! Here you will be able to learn more about me and my new exciting aspirations. Stay tuned!

Much love and God's abundant blessings,
Miss Perham 2011.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

EOT article highlighting Miss Perham 2012.

Greetings Perham,
            The month of August has arrived. It wasn’t that long ago since I made my way home from college in Jamestown, ND. I am now less than a month away from heading back to college as a sophomore. I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown I really have realized how precious time really is during this last year. Speaking of which, I will be crowning the new Miss Perham next Friday evening. I now officially have one week left as your Miss Perham 2011.
            Looking at my next adventures will be my light and inspiration as I crown my successor. A valuable lesson I have learned whenever a big moment in my life concludes is to take a moment of appreciation and look forward in anticipation to the next adventure. It can be very easy to reflect upon the favorite moments in our lives and be bogged down as they conclude. Of course I will be sad to see my year as Miss Perham 2011 come to a close, but I am confident that a very exciting adventure awaits me next. I am thrilled to see the new place I will begin to invest time, talent, and energy into. I am also eager to see who the next lady will be the next representative for our community.
            The Miss Perham Scholarship Program will be held in the Perham High School Auditorium on August 10th at 7:00 p.m. We have five young ladies competing for Miss Perham 2012. Tickets can be purchased at the door. The pageant feature the contestants and will include guest performers such as Sam Stoll, Amy Kalina Braddox, and Christian Bueng. I will also be sharing my talent selection from Miss Minnesota as well as singing a little number. Please consider coming to see some local talent! Have a wonderful week. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Days in Frazee, 1st Annual Meyer Family "Jump in the Lake 5K," and the Turtle Races

Well guys, my last few weeks as Miss Perham have been going with a bang!

Last weekend I spent some time  in Frazee to cheer on the local ladies competing for the title of Miss Frazee and Miss Frazee's Outstanding Teen. The beautiful eight young ladies who competed were excellent representatives of their community. I sure enjoyed watching their talents and hearing them speak about their personal platforms. it's always such a wonderful experience. Congrats to Miss Frazee 2010 Emily Kallis for doing a wonderful job MCing the show. Congrats also to the new Miss Frazee Rebecca and her outstanding teen sister Becca. You will both do a wonderful job!

My first appearance as Miss Perham was the Frazee Pageant and the Turkey Days Parade. Once again on Sunday I rode the streets of Frazee from the top of the Perham Express. It was so nice to see some local faces at the parade. The community of Frazee has always been so supportive of my life in pageants. I am so thankful for them. It was a bit bittersweet to ride the Perham Express one last time as Miss Perham.

My Dad's side of the family is in town! His five siblings and all of their children have had tons of time to be at the lake. I sure have enjoyed their company this past week. We even started a new tradition the Meyer Family "Jump in the Lake 5K." I have been wanting to do a 5K for about two years now and am so happy to say I did it!! To do it for the first time with my family was such an inspiring experience. It was great! My goal was to complete the race in less than 30 minutes...I did it with a time of 27:01! I have no idea how great that time is, but it will work for  me. My jump in the lake was probably my best yet as well. If you have never challenged yourself to a 5K give it a shot!

After my 5K race I made my way to Perham to congratulate the Turtle Race heat winners! We had 40 plus racers today. The beautiful morning sure did add to the wonder of the entire day. I love seeing how many people come from all over to participate in the International Turtle Races.

Well guys, the countdown is on just 9 more days as your Miss Perham.

Much love,

Monday, July 30, 2012

A valuable learning experience...Water Skiing.

Greetings Perham,
            Once again, it is so nice to be here in the EOT Focus for yet another week. This past week sure has been quite warm! Over the weekend I experienced the heat firsthand as I rode atop the Perham Express Train in the Detroit Lakes Water Carnival Parade. I love the month of July in our wonderful state of Minnesota.
            On Monday I was invited to spend the day with my roommate from college and her family at Gold Eagle Campground. Even though Taylor and I have only know each other for a year and a half, her family has spent many summers’ just miles from my home. One thing Taylor has always known about me is that I have never water skied before. She and her family changed that on Monday evening.
            Learning how to ski is a difficult task as it takes much coordination, strength, and control in the water. Giving water skiing a shot was a bit out of my character and I sure was nervous as I awaited my first attempt. Much to my surprise it wasn’t too bad as I made it half way out of the water my first time. After about a good twenty minutes of failing I succeed and experienced the thrill of riding the water. I’ll never forget the excitement. As I drove home Monday evening from the experience I realized learning how to ski is much like the risks we take in life. When we leave our comfort zones we try and try again before we ever experience success. Had I not left my comfortable seat on the boat Monday evening I never would have skied. Had I not auditioned to be in a community musical while in high school I wouldn’t have taken the stage as a lead character. If I never would have competed for Miss Perham I wouldn’t be writing to you today. We are given many opportunities in our lives to try new things, be challenged, and see ourselves succeed. This week I challenge you to take the next step towards a crazy dream, to lead a new idea, to share perspective you are fearful to share. And just maybe you will glide on the water of life with ease. 

P.S. My weekend in Frazee, soon to arrive!! 

Much love, 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Parade of the Northwest and Bailey's Miss America's Outstanding Teen Send-Off

Today has been a busy and HOT day! But every minute of it was worth the little extra "glisten."

This afternoon I was a part of the Parade of the Northwest, the big finale to the Detroit Lakes Water Carnival Celebration in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. The ride was a bit warm, but the smiles and "little water" from the crowd made my time well spent. Once arriving in DL I searched for any clue as to where the Perham Express was. This parade is one of the biggest in the area with over 100 entries. Luckily, I spotted some sparkly crowns, MAO crowns to be exact! I was then greeted by Siri, our Miss MN and the newly crowned Northwest royalty Rebecca and Sarah. I was so happy to see familiar faces. Thankfully, Cindy, the wonderful director of the Miss Northwest program, escorted me to my float.

Pre-Parade I had a chance to visit with Katie and Hailey, area Frazee ladies. I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet the newly crowned Miss Thief River Falls. Of course we snapped some pictures and visited with other float neighbors. It's always nice to meet people from around the state of Minnesota. I even had a chance to catch up with some ladies I met last summer. It was good to see them.  

Today I got to sit on top of the train instead of in the caboose. It sure was a great view! Seeing how parade watchers reacted to my spot on the train was quite hilarious. Some of them seemed worried about me! It was such a fun crowd today. 

After the parade I made the commute to Brainerd in support of our Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen and my good friend, Bailey. She and I met just three short years ago when we competed for the title of MMOT in 2010. She and I were 2nd and 1st runner up together. I am confident our positions after the crowning brought us together as great friends. At the Franklin Arts Center Bailey shared much of her wardrobe for her week at Miss America's Outstanding Teen. She looked stunning!

Bailey is an incredible young woman of God who embraces the Miss America Organization with her entire being. Her work with her platform "Alzheimer's through the Eyes of a Child" has become her tireless cause to create comfort for those dealing with the disease. I have never been more proud of a wonderful friend and sister in Christ. Best wishes Bailey as you head to Miss America's Outstanding Teen. I know you will shine.

Much love,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Miss Perham...a busy 24-7 job!

Greetings readers,

So good to be back here once again! I am eager to share we now have five ladies competing for Miss Perham 2012. Each and every one of them will bring something so unique to our local stage. Even though my year of service is almost completed I am confident my journey in the Miss America Organization will continue. It has been a bit bittersweet to start working on my farewell. I have so many incredible people in my life. Miss Perham, Miss Heart of the Lakes and the first ever Miss Perham's Outstanding Teen will be crowned on August 10th, 2012 at the Perham High School Auditorium. Hope to see you there! The show will begin right at 7 o'clock.

Wednesday I was present at the Turtle Races in Perham. I stood proudly in the rain the entire morning as 317 people came to race their turtles. Luckily, Dan from the chamber, let me where his dark green 2XL sweater. Not to mention, with a huge turtle on the front. It was hilarious! I think I could have worn it as a cocktail dress. Good times!

I have a "funny" as I like to call it from this week. I love my job at Productive Alternatives. There sure never is a dull moment. On Monday I had a client approach me about my name being in the paper. As I weekly columnist I thought this individual was confusing "my appearance at the EOT Fair" with an article I had written. However, much to my surprise I was scheduled to sing the National Anthem at the fair promptly at 11:15 a.m. I will be honest, I am 99% sure I didn't know about it. However, the joy about living in a small community is that you know who to call. I spoke with the EOT Fair board and indeed they were excited to have me share the National Anthem. Wow! Talk about a busy schedule. I loved the appearance this morning it was such a nice addition to my day. I always appreciate the opportunity to honor America.

This weekend I will be in the Detroit Lakes Water Carnival Parade. I am so excited!

I have also included my article from the Focus this week. This one was really special for me this week. :) Enjoy.

Greetings Perham,
            Wow, if you are like my family you are doing everything possible to stay cool in this overwhelming heat. But hey, I am thankful for our short “season” of warmth before the snowflakes fall again. Living in a house with no air conditioning, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Thank goodness I have grandparents who leave on lakes.
            Speaking of family, I have always been one to adore my family. From my wide variety of grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins there sure is never a dull moment. Being in close proximity with my family this summer has been one of my highlights. Over this past week I have learned one important lesson about family. Families have an inseparable bond. Whatever comes their way the power of family can overcome challenges, celebrate success, and share joyfully in idiosyncrasies. There is no such thing as the perfect family. We as individuals define family. I encourage you this week to appreciate your family and embrace them as members of a bigger picture and circle of love. I will always be thankful for my family even in the midst of brokenness, as that is often what draws us together.
            Each and every week I am getting closer to the end of my reign as your Miss Perham 2011. I will be taking each and every minute to soak up the last few weeks and days. I am continually being reminded of the blessings I have experienced firsthand. The Miss Perham Scholarship Program is still seeking contestants for this years pageant. If interested please visit  I will be at the Turtle Races the next three weeks on Wednesday mornings. Please come visit us on the track. I would love to see each of you! Have a blessed week.

Much love,